Green Bear's Website Portfolio

Here are some examples of websites that I have worked on in various ways. Some are design oriented while others were more back end script intensive. All of them were fun to work on! Make it into my website portfolio elite by dropping me a line today!

Website for Woodsmere Holdings Corp.

Woodsmere Holdings Corp.

A major undertaking! There is so much going on not only with this website, but a whole host of their websites. Woodsmere provided me an opportunity to dig deep into Wordpress for some custom solutions. I can't even begin to describe what a wonderful experience it has been working with them.

tech: Wordpress, PHP, JQuery, HTML, CSS, cURL, email, server mangement, SEO, SEM

Greenbear Portfolio - CoffeeGeek Elementor website.

Coffee Geek

I inherited a disaster! The previous designer had left the client with a mess. It took some time and quite a bit of effort, but Mark was great to work with and we put together a site he was thrilled with...and yes, he certainly knows his coffee!

tech: Wordpress, Elementor, PHP, HTML, CSS, server mangement, SEO

Website Portfolio - Victoria Simply Cremations

Simply Cremations

Simply Cremations started off with the Victoria BC location as a solution to a problem with another web developer. Since, they have grown to include their main website as well as other business branches....and they are great people!

tech: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, email, server mangement, SEO, SEM

Website Developed for VIME - Vancouver Island Mechanical Engineers


VIME or Vancouver Island Model Engineers presented a unique opportunity to upgrade not only the appearance of the website but the core functionality for their members as well. Looking forward to their next season!

tech: Wordpress, HTML, CSS, PHP, email, server mangement, SEO, SEM, Customization

Development Assistance - Eva Bild

Eva Bild

Eva is a Doula here in Victoria. I have had the pleasure of working with her on her previous enterprise, On this website, I continued to provide support but Eva is very savvy and did a great job in setting up her own site.

tech: Wordpress, email, server mangement