How to ‘Post’ on your website

Ok, so you’ve got a WordPress site…all nice and customized for you (see my Services!)…so now what?

Well, one of the advantages of WordPress is the ability for my clients to directly add content to their site (without having to go through the webmaster! Why did I set it up that way?! LOL!).

The main method of adding content, especially in the form of news, or coming events etc… is via the ‘post’. The ‘post’ as WordPress defines it is ‘Posts are the entries that display in reverse chronological order on your home page.’ (or news page…or whatever we decided to call it when we set up your site). So it’s not a page (like say ‘About Us’) but it is on a page…umm…forget pages for now…I’ll come back to those in a future article.

Back to Posts!

Ok, so here’s the short of it. Login to your website (ask me if you don’t know how). From there, look for Posts > Add New along the left column…click it!

You’ll be taken to the Add New post page. The thing to focus on is the Title at the top (the field just underneath the Add New Post) That’s important…it’s the title of your post, what the post is about. Then in the bigger box below is your post body. Feel free to just type away (don’t forget paragraphs, eyes need a break). As you’ll see it is much like any other word processor with all the formatting buttons…feel free to play with those.

Ok, almost done the basics, one last thing…publishing!

In the top right of the page, you’ll see the Publish area…here you can preview your new post, save a draft for later or simply publish it (in fact, you could even set a date for the publication in the future). Once you hit the ‘Publish’ button, go back to your site (quick way, mouse over your site name at the very top left of the page…click visit site).

And viola! You have now done a basic post!

In the future, I’ll explain some more advanced features on the posts…like what are those categories all about? and what are tags? and how do I add a picture? and the million other little things you could do to make your posts even more stellar!