John Dean Park

Screenshot of the new John Dean Park website

I’m proud to announce a new website by yours truly,
This responsive website is a custom built WordPress child theme.

I got a chance to try out some new ideas and refine some that I’ve made use of in the past.

With an historic feel I really wanted to try the fade on the full page (the edges, thanks CSS3!) to give it that antiqued look. Another new item that I had experimented with before (successfully, but only in strict php development) was the sticky footer. Keeping the footer at the bottom regardless of the amount of content always seemed to be a hassle before, with this new technic I’ve discovered I’ve been able to translate it to WordPress.

The site is responsive so it will display well on all devices making it very accessible.

It was a pleasure working with the Steward, Jarrett Teague who has done such a great job in keeping the park in order. If you’re out on the peninsula and are looking for a beautiful hike, do not miss this park. It has a few viewpoints that are worth the hike…in the summer, the road gets you most of the way there!