Mobilizing the BCPCC

Screenshot of the new BCPCC website

Mobile devices are being used more and more…statistically speaking, a lot more! Most websites are still in a fixed width format. While they can still be viewed with mobile devices and templates, often the results are less than satisfactory.

I’ve been working with the BCPCC for the past 3 years. Their website, while having a solid foundation was lacking in mobile responsiveness so recently I was tasked to correct this.

Utilizing the successful Twitter Bootstrap framework the site was slimmed down (a lot of unnecessary code was shed…along with some now un-needed javascripts thanks to Bootstraps built in components). Bootstrap also provided a sound responsive framework.

The conversion was a fun project that met the need of the client in a timely fashion. It met the criteria and beyond with some new elements to make the user experience more engaging. Designed with the mobile user in mind, the BCPCC site is now head and shoulders above most of it’s contemporary government websites.