Search engine optimization, or SEO in it’s abbreviated form, is a necessary step in the development of a website.

Once a site is built, it needs to compete in the search engines with other websites for visitor attention. The ideal is to optimize the site so that it appears in a variety of searches that are relevant to what the website is offering. The objective is to get the highest position possible as most traffic to websites occur from the first few pages of search results. This approach is then two fold, appear early, appear often. This is what search engine optimization is basically all about.

Greenbear’s Search Engine Optimization Service

search engine optimization graphic

If Greenbear did your website, part of your search engine optimization is already done. “The Basics” is a starter package that is also offered to websites that weren’t originally designed by Green Bear but may need to be implemented to get your site on the right path. This includes search engine optimization features that every site should have (but you’d be surprised how many don’t!).

Then I offer the “Beyond the Basics” package. This level of search engine optimization is a more thorough review of the site and implements more techniques and registration services as well as the establishment and periodic review of Google Analytics. While it is recommended, it really just lays the foundation for the true search engine optimization package, “In-Depth SEO”.

In the “In-Depth SEO” package search engine optimization services are truly focused. A benchmark of where the site is currently positioned is established. The website is reviewed for content. Relevant keywords are researched and compared with competitors to ensure maximum effectiveness. From there, each page in the website is carefully optimized with the recently researched keywords. Results are then tracked and adjusted accordingly. A final audit and report is made. The website analytics are then monitored and a periodic report is made on the state of the search engine optimization.

Make sure your website is optimized for the search engines and contact Greenbear today to get a list of the packages and pricing!